All Atheist's End up In Hell

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  1. Do I feel sorry for them for making this drastic mistake of ending up in Hell? Of course not. And neither does God. He sent them there where they belong, it was their mistake. All I can say is Good Riddance. No one liked you anyway. No one.

    IF you want to end here in this burning place, go against God and see if it suits you:


    Come to Jesus before you make the mistake of ending up in hell:

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    Tempting, fire or crucifixion.
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    Long live cultism, switch off brain, switch on brainlessness.
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    All Atheist's End up In Hell ?

    No that's inpossible as they don't believe in God and hell does not exist.
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  7. I seriously doubt all Atheists end up in hell any more than I believe that all Christians end up in Heaven. I know some Atheists that are very good people and I know some Christians that are scumbags. A loving God would not condemn a person to an eternity of suffering simply for not believing. It's unlikely that Heaven/Hell exist at all, but I do hope for some type of existence with my critters present after this body takes a dump. I'd like to see my dogs and cats again. If not for that, fuck it, I don't really give a shit what happens. At any rate, I won't condemn someone to hell just for having a different belief.
    I must amend this post, perhaps there is a hell and it would be listening to this.
    Pat Boone - Smoke on the water - YouTube
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  9. A loving God who is not just is not a loving God. Love protects from evil.

    The reason people (me included) don't feel like we deserve hell is because we don't view our moral failures the way God sees them. Imagine a human Judge who is just and will not break the law. In the same way, God is just and will not allow any evil thought or action to go unaccounted for.

    Is an eternity in hell an extreme punishment? From the human perspective it seems that way, but God thinks differently. He is an eternal Being and has created us to exist eternally in the afterlife.

    Consider this: If God is completely innocent of all evil and hates all evil with all of His being, then He does not want His creations, who choose to do evil, to be with Him for all eternity, in this condition.

    Those banished to hell never repent, they continually live with their moral corruption, and part of their judgment is the guilt of knowing that they have done wrong.

    Don't think people are guilty? It only takes an honest look at the moral decay on this earth to realize that humans do not always treat each other with love and respect.

    Still don't think people are guilty? People tortured God (in the flesh) to the point that He died. God could have sent everyone to hell based on that crime alone. Evil does not co-exist nicely with good. Evil destroys good. Evil must be stopped.

    People don't want to go to hell AND God doesn't want them to go to hell either. So, what is to be done about this?

    People aren't capable of becoming sinless or of erasing their guilt.

    So, God came up with a solution, that is mocked by many, but it is actually a very logical solution:

    God could remain a Just God and let sinful people into His heaven if He provided a substitute punishment and if He could make sinful people thoroughly good.
    So, God sent His Son, who was God and and existed in the beginning with God and who also created all things, to this earth to become a true human, so that the substitute would be a human substitute, yet as pure as God Himself, since He is God who took on humanity. He also lived an obedient life to God, fulfilling in our place, the obedience to God that nobody is capable of and actually, to be honest, nobody wants to be completely obedient to God, either.

    However, just because a provision was made for God's rebellious creations, doesn't mean that they want to be reconciled with God. God will not force anyone to repent, trust in Jesus and receive eternal pardon. However, He has made the provision for us, and promised that whoever believes on Him will have everlasting life. This isn't a mere belief as in believing that Abraham Lincoln existed, or a silly childish belief in Santa Claus. The word actually has the meaning of trust. In the context of John 3:14:15, we see that it is trust in Jesus in a specific way:

    "Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.”
    When the Israelites had left Egypt and were still travelling in the wilderness, God sent poisonous snakes into the dwelling area of the Israelites because of their lack of faith and speaking against Moses and God. People died and then the rest became repentant. They asked Moses intercede for them with God and God told him to put a bronze snake on a pole and promised that anyone bitten could look at the bronze snake on the pole and be healed.

    Looking at the snake on the pole required faith, belief, trust. It was a simple action: just turn your eyes to look.

    This was given to us as a picture of how to look to Jesus in order to be saved. It is not simply acknowledging Who He is or what He did at the cross. It is not casually saying the words, "I accept Jesus as my Savior."

    What is saving faith, belief and trust? Well, the Israelites had spoken against God and Moses and they had to first acknowledge that they had sinned and then they had to go to both Moses and God to get the help they needed. They first sought to be reconciled with Moses and God before God provided them a solution. Saving faith in Jesus must come from a desire to be reconcile with God, acknowledging that we have sinned against God in order for us to correctly turn to Jesus and look upon (think upon) what Jesus accomplished on the cross on our behalf. Then we can ask God to apply to us what Jesus did for us on the cross and by His resurrection.

    He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.
    Hebrews 7:25 NKJV
    Just a side note: Although I do believe in hell, it is not something I would ever wish upon anyone, even the worst person in the whole world. I firmly believe that God is both Love and a Just God. I am glad that He was willing to die on the cross so that whoever will believe on Him, will receive forgiveness of sins and escape the wrath of God in hell.

    Christians are told to be compassionate...

    And you must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering.
    Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment.
    Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.
    Jude 22,23 NLT​
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  10. Your word salad post doesn't answer the question. Why would a loving God send someone to hell simply for not believing the current religious dogma? You're trying to convince me that alone is enough to be considered "evil"? Ridiculous and any God that operates that way can go get fucked. Thankfully, a loving God doesn't participate in such nonsense. Only some figment of man's imagination would do such a thing because men are vengeful, petty and small minded. Hence a petty, vengeful, small minded God of religion. Take your zealotry elsewhere, I ain't buying it.
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