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  1. You've just figured out more in the amount of time you spent today than most in these virtual walls have figured out in over two years. Congrats.

    The indicator is used to verify oscillations and at what level of strength (Prime or Minor) created them. Divergence comes in to play a lot but isn't accurate to use as a consistent trading tool unless it is accompanied but specific strong oscillations.

    Volume Bars are a snap shot of price movement because they eliminate the variable of time and transaction size.
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    :) I was just kidding. :) Sorry if I gave another impression. :)

    Earlier today I searched ET for others of your posts, and coincidentally I found your sarcastic post and I felt like making a joke at others' expense, not yours.
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  3. Accepted.
    I get irritated (no . . . really) when I get misquoted.

    In a perfect world these forums should be a place to simply exchange ideas to help enhance each others learning curve. But ET and the world will never be perfect. We will always have posters who's sole purpose is to agitate and flame.

    Don't get me wrong, I've done my share of flaming but in retaliation not as blatant disrespect for something or someone I do not have any first hand information about.
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  4. "You've just figured out more in the amount of time you spent today than most in these virtual walls have figured out in over two years. Congrats."

    Thanks, but I was just restating what you had posted in the past, all of which are statements of fact....

    Your ability to locate Prime swingpoints however is something I have not come across (though maybe I missed a past posting).

    Since you said it is done realtime, does that mean you forego attempts at price projections (a la symmetry, fib extensions, Elliot, etc) and base your decisions primarily (solely?) on price behavior as-it's-happening?

    Not asking for secrets, just trying to understand better...
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    I understand. We're humans ...

    I just posted this on another thread:
    • <font class=quo>Quote from cnms2:

      I for one, after getting upset a couple of times, I realized that it's not worth replying to aggressive and rude posts. I just stop replying and reading that poster. If I get out right there it is like a "wash trade", with no or minimal loss for me. </font>

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  6. Yes, no price projections what so ever. Price targets based on last oscillation support or resistance levels (whichever would be pertinent) but no predictions. Oscillations read at extreme and minor levels give one a clear view of price strength and direction. The prime oscillations give one a consistent ongoing view of the that charts trend and then the next incrementally faster chart's prime oscillations give you the strong entry and exit points to trade from.
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    Thanks for posting the chart it's very interesting.
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    I think JimmyJam nailed it - "...the money is in the gyrations"
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  9. Those give me heartburn...

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  10. Take it a step further . . . The money is in being able to read the strength of the gyrations as they occur.
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