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    AND...dynamically evaluate the quality of each instrument under scrutiny, identify the best cantidates in the group (at any or all given moments) and take immediate action when appropriate.

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  2. bravo!!!
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    "That and the price oscillations occur in real-time, they don't lag. The indicator, which only verifies, lags. I don't trade the indicator I trade price. But as I've said before . . . what you don't understand . . . condemn and ridicule. Makes one feel better."

    You mustn't imagine because you've been selling this stuff, that others don't know or understand this type of thing.

    Everyone sees the so-called 'oscillations' live on the chart .. the higher lows/highs and the lower highs/lows. To wait to recognize the first lower high after its formed or the first higher low after its formed means many, most or even all of the points (eg YM) have passed you by on that particular move, certainly on an intraday basis. So this is a lagging foundation.

    Your Ergodic indicator you admit lags.
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  4. Your explanation is evidence you don't understand.

    The Ergodic absolutely lags. I've only said that a few hundred times in these pages. Even in the post you responded to. I don't use the Ergodic to execute trades which is what you don't understand. I use price only, I use the Ergodic to verify the entry or exit at a specific level. I use the Ergodic to confirm trends as well . . . which is a lagging process but we don't trade the trend we trade price IN THE TREND.
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  5. =====
    As your question hints;

    Besides to get profits in a logical , meaningful way;
    may require a longer period, like ,
    cheese requires time to age sharply. Even scalpers can make more with more time.

    Of course if you goal is .25 profit on ES , wouldnt call that a trend; even if thats a workable goal. Thats more like the b/a spread.

    And each to his own, prefer to simply stay out the later /choppier it gets in day, for flat- end of day .
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    "Your explanation is evidence you don't understand." (proflogic)
    No, its not an explanation; its an observation anyone can make. Don't imagine I or anyone doesn't understand.

    Everyone has got your point about the Ergodic lagging - as do indicators in general. Just how useful or not they may be is one thing; just how much or how little they lag is another matter which is down to the settings, again as everyone knows.
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  7. Anyone who trys to use an indicator for confirmation is like a dog chasing tail...your destiny is probably set.

    I would challenge you to turn them all off and go back to basics. Ask this question before u put on a trade...what is the market doing Right Now.

    Heres a couple very simple and profitable trades...any market - any time frame... higher highs and higher lows; buy. Lower lows and lower highs; sell. Dont exit until u have a reason or u get scared and then do it again.

    Duh...the kiss method of kiss methods. If you must price action not indicators.
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  8. What am I using the indicator to confirm?
    What indicator am I using?
    Do I trade off the indicator or price?
    Is my main concern, "What is the Market doing right now" in relation to where it is coming from?
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  9. Uhhh...dont have a clue; dont have a clue; dont have a clue; dont have a clue. I dont know what u are doing and, despite your illusion otherwise, i didnt post specifically to you. The post was for the benefit of the trader whos brain is about fried from listening to, or studying all the gimic indicators. If u are making money dont worry about it.

    I would reinterate though, since u brought it up, that If you are using any indicator to confirm, or otherwise make trading decisions, u are chasing your tail; study til u die and price will always drag them all along ...period. MY main concern, and I consider myself an enlightened day trader, is simply to go with what is the market doing right now. In the most basic trade, any market - any time frame, there is always a safe entry and exit with out the confusion and hum-haw of confirmations, crossovers or voodoo. Novices and burnouts - If its going up (as I defined earlier) buy it. If its going down sell it. Where? Right here - right now. Try it and then put your own twists on it. Price is king and the ONLY thing worthy of the sacrifices traders will put themselves and their familys thru with their obsession to study... take it or leave it.:cool:
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  10. Yeah, I say "The markets are always wobbling".
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