Americans say no to subprime bailout

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  1. Those..those... insane risk takers--they're animals but.. but.. animals are people too, they have feelings and itsy bitsy loved ones to take care of, oh the children.. my baby, my baby.. how can we blame the innocent children for the sins of fathers and mothers everywhere, take food from theirs mouths...the American way, to provide comfort and aid for the underprivileged children of subprime parents, c'mon we gotta help them.
  2. what about the smart and responsible parent trying to save for their childs college fund only to get screwed by the govt who only cares to help out those that took a foolish risk?

  3. Precisely. This is wealth transfer from the responsible to the irresponsible.

    The government might as well start taxing us so they can refund gamblers who lost everything at the casino. :eek:
  4. The majority of subprime mortgage holders should never have gotten those loans in the first place. They had no assets, no down payments, no income, no job etc and belong back in apts.
  5. It seems like the bigger of a moron that you are, the more you get taken care of.

    I guess it pays to be ignorant and dumb.
  6. People that were responsible and didn't buy a house have been hurt because real estate prices skyrocketed because of all the speculation making homes unaffordable in a lot of areas.

    I don't understand how people are saying how it's horrible that people are going to lose their home... when they shouldn't have been in it in the first place... they couldn't afford it...

    If the government gets in the business of helping people obtain assets they can't afford then sign me up... I'd like a porsche 911 turbo... I'll take a beach house too... where will I add that to my IRS form?
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    What about a bailout for renters who have no chance of getting on the property ladder due to irresponsible speculation by middle-class fraudsters? Renters are generally much poorer than property owners. If there is welfare it should cater to the poorest in society, not people with jobs and savings who greedily distorted an asset bubble through reckless irresponsible gambling and mortgage fraud.
  8. nope, not only do you have to be a moron, but a rich and well connected moron.

    the avg moron doesn't stand a chance