AMPGlobal not showing balance in realtime. Any brokers who do?

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  1. I had posted this in a ES journal thread but it's probably off topic there as I received replies from only 2 people.

    Situation: AMP futures account, CQG feed, placing trades both via the tradingview desktop app and the mobile MT5 app.

    Expected behavior: "purchasing power", a.k.a "buying power" or current balance should be up to date in realtime, especially when all positions were closed.

    Observed behavior: the correct (most up-to-date) balance is lagging by several hours due to synchronizations (are they unique to MT5???), also known as corrections and delayed fee subtractions (commissions, NFA fees, etc).

    I saw a difference of $1600 USD between my acct balance on Saturday morning compared to 19:00 EDT last Friday after the market closed. This sucks.
    To be clear, OTE does not figure in this discussion as I am talking about a flattened account. Nothing is held beyond the RTH.

    1. Is this unique to the CQG feed? If so maybe Rithmic is the right solution??
    2. Is this issue unique to the MT5 platform? Maybe Sierra, Quant Tower are better as far as showing the right balance
    3. Is this issue unique to AMPGlobal?
    4. If not (i.e. industry wide issue) are there any brokers in the US who provide estimated commissions/fees in realtime, and thus an estimated buying power, before the actual fees get subtracted at night or whenever.
    Coming from the stock trading world to futures I find it very unsettling that the broker does not make the buying power available in realtime. I generated in a matter of 18 hours about $2000 in commissions (i.e. lots of trades) and have no good way to figure out if the broker's tally is correct.

    Lastly, I did put some of these questions to AMP in a zendesk ticket but there was no reply.
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  3. Commissions are not calculated realtime. You receive a statement every night that you can cross check against the total round turns you do each day which you should keep track of and do the math. It's always to the penny.
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    I use APM/CQG/Ninja and it posts real time balances but you need to be grandfathered into NT to use the combination. Bottom line, it doesn't appear to be CQG/AMP related.
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  5. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Agreed. I am also grandfathered in and balances are shown in real time. Sounds like a platform issue.
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  6. Interactive brokers update buy power real time

    Many brokers like tradestation just update next day
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    Synchronizations only related to MT5.

    Since you have CQG feed, you can use any platform with CQG feed for free.
    Login to any platform with CQG feed, with the same credentials as MT5, and you will be able to see real time update.
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    @speedo and @Big AAPL He's talking about the commissions/fees not showing up in real-time. On that one he is correct. (The balance from the actual trade shows in real-time, but not the commish) They don't show up for me in NT7 until either start of next trading day, or midnight calendar day, I cannot remember which.

    I have not looked for that in years though, so cannot be sure if that was corrected.

    EDIT: doing some checking, stand by...
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    Big AAPL

    I thought he was talking about acct balance/buying power.
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    Commissions are immaterial to purchasing power.
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