Any broker offers Vstoxx? Eur Volatility.

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    Hey people,

    I am looking for a broker with Vstoxx or EurVolatilty cfd or future would do.

    Interactive broker have it but thr minimum is the full size contract. Its too expensive for me. Someone like Xm type broker would do.

    Also, what could be the best way to search it besides signing up for every broker and going through the list.
  2. MattZ

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    We offer VStoxx.
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    If I type in in Google "vstoxx mini futures" obviously these things exits.

    So probably you can trade them with every broker that provides Eurex?
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    Note that there's also a VSTOXX ETF pair trading in the US (in $): EVIX / EXIV

    EVIX even has options...
  8. TT has multiple brokers who offer VSTOXX futures at Eurex. Send me our contact info and I'll have a sales rep contact you.
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  9. And the list of TT brokers with VSTOXX includes my friend @MattZ.
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  10. AMP_Global

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    Yes, AMP Global offers VSTOXX

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