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  2. Not I.
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    Domain name is screaming :

    ,,This is going to be a scam!"
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    how many scams does it take for crypto retards to learn a lesson.
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    and by the way - learn the correct lesson.... issue your OWN coin - do some marketing, sell the shit, then claim you are dead in india, then live happily ever after on an island, with unlimited supply of virgins and boos.

    that's how you should do it.
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    Booze is maybe unlimited. Virgins are not.Even muslims who believe in virgins as a reward given to martyrs are limited to receiving 72 virgins.:D
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  8. Trader Curt

    Trader Curt

    The site seems shady...

    Don't know which country it's based out of, but they don't check identification. And since they don't check identification they are not complying with US laws and will eventually get shut down if they are located in the US. However, if it's decentralized then forget everything I just said...

    Other then that, the platform looks limited. It's hard to trade on such a dull looking basic platform with no tools. And I don't see anything about fees or commissions.

    IMO if this is a legit exchange then there are better ones out there. The only way I would trade on it is if it was decentralized and had no trading fees.
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    OP asked if you have experiences.
    If you don't, then why not just shut up.

    Most people on this forum sound like morons when they talk about forex.
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    Don't morons deserve a forum to present their nonsenses?
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