Any feedback on APEX TRADER FUNDING?

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  1. It seems like Apex has a pretty decent trader following.

    Not too familiar with them.

    The only real criticism I have is the "once a month" profit withdrawal.

    Any feedback is always greatly appreciated!
  2. mikeriley


    Just a few things..

    The owner Darrell Martin is the real deal,
    and making a lot of people rich.

    If you're an experienced trader, you'll kick
    yourself for not finding APEX earlier.

    Will take a little work for the inexperienced,
    but with dedication and a viable trading plan
    founded on strict risk management, they
    can still make APEX work for them.

    If you use Ninja Trader, after you get several Funded accounts,
    visit this link and get a Trade Copier.


    To your trading success.
  3. which apex are you talking about? It seems lot of companies have that apex in their name.

  4. This one:
  5. Overnight


    I can SWEAR that functionality was already built-into NT7. It is not something I ever looked into. My trading machine is off for the weekend, but when I'm online next week and will look into that, and search for it in NT8 once I get that POS up and running again.
  6. mikeriley


    I have not found that functionality without software integrated for NT8.
    If it's possible, please share your results.

    Thanks Overnight.
  7. Borderline scam.

    The only one that may get rich is himself.

    If you have any proof he’s the «real deal» or anyone is getting rich from this, feel free to provide it.
  8. savoir


    8B6D7CF2-63D4-4B9B-B421-3847FC029B88.png Maybe this is what he means by “making a lot of people rich.”

  9. Overnight


    It was something about "account groups" in the options tab in NT7. I just cannot recall at the moment. Will get back to you when able on that and the NT8 bit.
  10. The only firm among these kind of firms that's a viable option is Earn2Trade and I'm not even sure they are worth it.

    Why is E2T the only firm that's possibly worth it? Simple: You're actually trading real money when funded and you can withdraw when you want.

    With Apex and similar you're trading on a f''king simulator even after you're funded. What this effectively means is that Apex have zero incenctives to actually pay you your money because it's money out of their own pocket!

    Let that sink in.

    Furthermore, if you make 10K of profits you're only allowed to withdraw small amounts over a 6 month period meaning it will take you at least 6 months to collect 10K of profits. And that's assuming you don't f''k up meanwhile or maybe you lose your connection during a trade and Apex says, "Sorry, you f''ked up. But feel free to reset your account!"

    Seriously. Only a fool would do business with Apex. An utter fool.

    Don't be a fool.

    F''k these clowns and scamsters.
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