Any gamers here?

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  1. bookish


    What have you played lately?

    What was your all time favorite game?
  2. Overnight


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  3. Bugenhagen


    I just found an Xbox 360 with kinect in a box and I'm playing bowling on my cinema screen after hooking a HDMI transmitter to it.

    30 foot tall bowling. Its quite big Lebowski.
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  4. mlawson71


    I've been playing some Subnautica Below Zero. I enjoyed the first game, the second game is fun too.
  5. Overnight


    Uh huh. We know what 30-foot tall bowling scene yer gawking at. Perv. ;-)

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  6. MotionX


    This seems interesting!
  7. Elden Ring
  8. mlawson71


    My hand-eye coordination is terrible for that one, as well as any Soulsborne games really. I just watch playthroughs, haha.
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  9. This has been on my to-play list for a while now. I don't like water/oceans but it still looks interesting lol. Subnautica and another game called SOMA.
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  10. mlawson71


    I've played some of the original Subnautica and I've watched a SOMA playthrough. I hope you enjoy creepy games, because both border on horror in places. I confess I am not much into that sort of games, so they were a little too much for me.
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