any trader in france ans paris

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  1. Hi guys

    im looking for any traders based in france and paris for sharing ideas ,im trading full time futures and forex .

  2. ZBZB


    Get a desk in a coworking space to get out of the house.
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  3. yes it can be , but its about discuting and sharing , nobody undersstand the full time daytrader life.

  4. ZBZB


    Set up a zoom room where people share charts and talk about them. I am surprised no one is doing this. You can get a lot of people on zoom.
  5. Nobert


    Great option.

    Got, beautiful - modern working environments/single individual's offices/job spaces, for rent, in any city.

    For those who want to interact with other folks.

    Like the story from Market Wizards (?), where the guy would put on the suit, shining black shoes, walk around the block with the suitcase, just to be back into his own house, to ,, work " there for 8~ hrs and then the same path , right to the starting point.

    Working space/table, for the rent - sounds better.

    And if the town has nothing to offer :
  6. Stockboy


    Not in Paris as of now. But would love to be in the South of France. :0)

    Please excuse me as my French is however, non existent.

    Hope you find some cool traders. I'm sure as Paris is a world class mega city and If you're ever in the Americas tho keep in touch dude.
  7. Better than that is a trading room on EchoFin.

  8. trignal67


    Je ne suis pas en Paris mais en Los Angeles. Full time daytrader in futures and a Francophone. Willing to swap ideas for help in French. Au fait, discuter en Anglais, c'est 'discussing'. MP moi.
  9. Lazar


    I'm in Paris
  10. Hi I live in Bordeaux
    I trade US stock only
    I speak English and a little French
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