Any watch collectors?

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  1. I have a small collection and apprieciate most swiss brands. Anyone else?

    My latest bought on St Maartin.


    surf IMG_0250.JPG
  2. What, about $10k? I wonder when grossly oversized watches will go the way of disco.
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  3. They are already getting smaller. Yes, $10k is very close to what i paid on the grey market. At an official dealer i believe the list is $17k
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    The thing is ugly as sin! 10K? Eeesh!
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    To me, THIS is an example of a sexy watch. (Was always a fan of Breitlings, I admit).

  6. Ha, I can't stand Breitling-- but many love them. Do you own any?

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    No, I am a window shopper of them. I can't afford watches like this. But I do like to imagine having a few. Quite an expensive hobby it is!
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    I don't wear it but I have one of these. Its an Omega "bumper".
    Probably not worth much. But its vintage. Gold too I think.

  9. What, watches are now sexy? It's nicer than surf's latest conquest but it's still a little too busy-looking for me. I wore a Rolex for 28 years albeit only a steel one. I liked it for its rugged reliability but I admit I bought it for the name, and I realize that Rolex no longer has quite the cachet it once had.

    Presently, I wear a $145 watch:

    Momentum Atlas Watch.jpg

    Consider the features. Solid titanium. Sapphire crystal. Natural rubber band. Tested to 100 meters. Five-year battery. And although it's Japan movement rather than Swiss, it keeps time far more accurately that the Rolex chronometer. Admittedly, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical ones all else being equal, but I clocked this watch against an atomic clock and it lost maybe a second or so after a whole month. I like the simple face. I don't like a watch you have to stare at and study to know what's going on. The numbers are super luminous and glow brightly in the dark for several hours.

    I realize it's not prestigious, but who gives a shit? It probably runs just as well as much more expensive watches, is just as rugged, and I prefer the look.

    Reminds me of the story of two Russian oligarchs who meet on a street corner and one asks the other, "How much did you pay for your tie?" The other guy answers "$5,000." So the first guy says, "Too bad, you could have paid $10,000 for a similar one at the store across the street."
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    I understand the confusion some folks may find about watches being "sexy". It's a weird thing, with me at least. To be honest? The coolest, sexiest watch I ever encountered was this one...


    It didn't show you the time until you pushed a button on the bezel. THAT was cool and HAWT back then.
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