Anyone use NinjaTrader for trading equities?

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  1. Looks like majority of folks here who use this IB front-end trade futures.
  2. majority of folks don't have the minimum $25,000 to daytrade equities.

    daytrading futures has limited opportunities so it sucks

    and for LLC prop firms they are illegal or investigated by SEC for violating the 25k rule...

    Nevis trading doesn't even accept US customers for prop trading.

  3. Aok


    I have in the past but prefer to use Buttontrader with IB. Too bad BT doesnt have multibroker license.

    Moot now as 90% of my stock trading is elsewhere, but I still use it for my IRA, Hsi, and Dax futs.

    Did you have a question Sun?

  4. Yes, I'm looking for an alternative to this TWS order entry nightmare that I'm experiencing.

    I'm not able to do quick scalping effectively like I used to be able to with another broker, which I recently abandoned due to commission & trading execution issues.

    So far, I'm not really liking NinjaTrader that much. Even their websites show mostly pics of futures chart/order entry.

    So ButtonTrader is better than NinjaTrader for trading stocks?
  5. Truff


    TD Ameritrade just hooked up with ninja. I believe you can trade stocks through them now. I have an account there but havent tried it yet.

    contact ninja support and they will tell you how to connect.
  6. Thanks for the reply, but I'm looking for the IB (Interactive Broker) front-end, as mentioned already.
  7. Aok



    imo Buttontrader is best front end for IB.

    Some people like Zerolinetrader (also good)

    Are you using Ninja yet?

    You mention blurry pics, but follow the link and you can attend whatever free weekly Ninja webinar that blows your hair back and see it in action.

    All 3 front ends used to be free to sim trade with IB. Dont know if that still is the case, but you can use live data feed to execute mock trades as you get acclimated. Which I recommend before you go live with BT which is a bit more sophisticated than the other two.

    Good hunting.
  8. Aok,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Zerolinetrader and Buttontrader both look good.

    Like you said, it looks like ButtonTrader is more powerful, but for my trading, I think ZerolineTrader offers all the features I need at the moment.

    I'll certainly have to test it out for a few days though.

    I'm ditching Ninja for now.


  9. why doesn't everyone just use the free book trader ib software.. works great for me and you can set up auto stops auto trail etc. and its free free FREE! you can trade stocks and futures and options from teh platform.. I cancelled my NINja becasue IB feed was much cleaner and did not bog down. IN nInja traders defense it is possible that my computer slowed down ninja.. I just like the free option!
  10. 4XIS4U


    I also find the TWS a nightmare to manage multiple equity orders -- not sure what I'm missing but here's an example set of orders:

    1-Stop limit (entry)
    2-Stop Loss (if 1 is executed)
    3-Target 1R
    4-Target 2R

    3 an 4 are cancelled if 2 is filled -- this is fine in IB (OCA).

    2 is cancelled if 4 is filled - this is not so easy in IB (OCO)....

    again, unless I'm missing something...

    I've tested NinjaTrader, fantastic platform, great future but not reliable if you want to have multiple order windows and charts open -- crashs all the time.

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