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    I have got some info from Arb Trading Group itself regarding their offer. So, again I am too old and experienced for them to take me on as a trainee. However, I may trade through them if I put down $25,000 capital.
    Their offer is really good regarding commission rates, desk fee and, what's interesting, 20% participation in the downside as well as upside. Moreover, my capital is there to cover any losses only, not used strictly for margin, although obviously my max size would probably be reduced if I experience a large drawdown.

    Please share any opinions, gossip or experience with this company as this will help me decide whether they are legit enough and can be trusted with my money.
  2. basically a trading arcad desk deal.
    In that case, why not search the other trading arcades ?

    And also, is the deposit capital an issue ( no shame involved in) ( could be for principles reasons)?
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  4. From Lukas post, they are offering a trading arcade desk deal, as it is not the company that absorbs
    his eventual trading losses.
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    The company absorbs 20% of trading losses
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    @Robert Morse

    Apologies Robert for calling you out if you find it inappropriate in this thread but I thought you might be the best person to ask. ARB Trading Group claims to be a corporate equity member of CME, hence they can offer very low rates.

    Correct me if I am wrong - does it take at least about $1.5M to purchase all the memberships required for such a company plus another $2.5M to purchase CME shares or $7,500 monthly instead of shares?
    Does the fact they claim to be a CME member of this type sort of guarantees they are well capitalised?
  7. Sorry to ask in a way that might be "moron" style.
    When you trade, how much is your size / move ?
    for instance, if your instrument moves with 1 unit in your favor,
    how much do make?
    what instruments do you trade ?
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    Why is that important? Please PM me if you wish to offer me any advice - no offence, but I would rather not post it in a public forum
  9. done.
    I am basically really interested in traders who have their "mind" sorted.
    Just my belief system on the importance of the mindset.
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    Did you have to provide statements of prior trading performance or was the $25k enough for them?!
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