are people in the US starting to live like people in 3rd world countries

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  2. MarkBrown


    people living like 3rd world countries are in cities that Democrats run. so yea.
  3. Of course we are.

    It's a #1 priority and objective of the Left/Commie/DemoCraps... that all of our people live in poverty (but all of us equal, you understand)... except for the politial governing elite... to whom all beneifits and wealth of the economy of the country will inure.

    If you're shocked and appalled by this, you ain't been paying attention.
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  4. rwnomad


    We have been losing the middle class and moving towards a two tiered society of haves and have nots, like the third world. That is a trend it behooves everyone to try and reverse. India is probably more like fourth world economy.
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  5. d08


    None of you seem to know what the 3rd world is like. If you think buying one soap at a time is "3rd world living" then you've been living an extremely spoiled life.
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  6. Cuddles


    These dollar stores are nothing more but replacements of mom and pop convenience stores we had before walmart ran them out of town. It's what they are, convenient, closer than the walmarts and provide quick relief when you've gotta take a shit and are out of toilet paper.
  7. rwnomad


    The US treats poor people a lot better than many countries. You can get food and housing benes, and possibly an Obama phone.
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    Hopefully trump puts an end to that.
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  9. Cuddles


    Cut tax payer dollars to private telecom providing these benefits? Trump?'re funny
  10. zdreg


    you have accurately described Venezuela: equal and starving.
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