Artificial Intelligence for Traders?

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  1. Interesting point with this bettertrade. This is something I'm so *not* interested in. I have my own data and I can train my own models. I don't need any help thanks. My service would be about selling automation, not secrets. I mean, majority of the staff can be done with Tensor Flow and some basic Python, but then you need to learn to code.
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  2. fan27


    Perhaps create a video demonstrating the use case and how it would work.
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  3. %%
    I wonder how many people got 2 points off your post??
    Mainly,, i enjoy doing my own research.
    Best businesses have a USP [unique selling proposition].
    I might be wrong/ but i doubt if any ad agency would rubberstamp a nickname like lucky/LOL No offense intended............................................................
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    It sounds great in theory but I'd like to know what kind of AI you want to use in analysing the charts.
    I wonder what kind of technique you are going to use, like neural networks or just EA or something like that. You've got to have some certain plan before you claim that you are going to buid some web service with the AI which will help analyse the market and so on. There is lots of work before it makes sense to write about it because not all of the people succeed in building some script which will analyse the markets successfully because of the fact that markets are really unpredictable. They are much more to predict than some real estate prices.
    So, what I am going to say is that it is hard to be interested in just the idea of buiding an AI which will predict the market. Firstly, you've got to build this service, then you have to test it, modify, adjust, get some decent result and only after this procedure can you make some peope in this forum get interested in your project.
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  5. It's not really about providing a way to analyze the charts. As I said, I use AI for myself. At the moment mainly from IDE. It's error prone and some parts can be extracted to be reusable. I thought about wrapping it in an easier point-and-click interface, usable by others. So no selling "secrets" like ready models, EAs, "click to get rich" crap.
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  6. There is an opportunity to use artificial intelligence for trading activity, however I always doubt in its efficiency. Moreover, you will blame yourself if artificial intelligence will make serious mistakes which you wouln't ever made. So, that's why I can't state that I am able to trust artificial intelligence as well as EAs. In my opinion, trading activity implies independence from any kind of help. If we speak about traders, then we should note that they always should work ondependelty in order to gain more experience and knowledge in trading activity. Of course, you will make mistakes, we're uman beings and we are used to make mistakes, nevertheless it brings much more experience than trading with AI.
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  7. @Darkshaper I agree with you. Shutting down your intelligence and trading on the basis of artificial intelligence isn’t smart. EAs are for help and it should better be used for it. I do use EAs but don’t rely on it completely.
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    There are surely a lot of traders that can benefit from AI. Just to compensate the lack of their own intelligence. It might help to reduce the high numbers of losing traders. :D
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