As a day trader scalper is the trend is your friend?

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    Well guys, as I get dipper with stuff..
    I believe the Move is your friend. Scalper should look for the probability of the move.
    Scalper should master the range.
    The trand is a bounce of range breakout.
    The range is the bread and butter.
    If you muster the range, you can't fail..
    Scalper with low capital can't expect to succeed try to catch home runs. Must work hard.. and close. The range is for the bills the trand is for the capital.
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    Don't drink and post
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    I don't know if you used the word "move" on purpose instead of trend.
    If it is the case, I agree.
    I scalp on momentum on specific areas. Which means I wait until a price reach an area and then I trade on strong momentum one way or another, so yes the "move" is my friend :)

    My results:
    Counter trend = high win rate, higher risk, few ticks gained per trade
    Trend = low win rate, lower risk, more ticks gained per trade
    At the end, the counter trend is more suitable for me (best results and less stress).

    At the end, 2/3 of my trades are counter trends and 1/3 are with trend.

    BTW, I didn't lessen to MrMuppet advice... I had a nice glass (just one) of "Chateau Neuf du Pape" with my lunch.
    Great quality and small quantity is the way to go for me :sneaky:
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    I do best in congestion, ends and beginnings of trend. My losing percentages are under 5%, but losses are larger than profits on each trade, am profitable 95% of days. Risk is usually 2 to 6.5 points and targets 2 to 5 points, but generally on average make less than 3 ticks of late. My average time in a trade is 2 minutes. I average down in each trade.
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    I think I own an apologies..;)
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    ... "own" ...

    Is this guy a relative?
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  9. Yes
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    Not more relative then your parents.
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