At war: How Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook became foes

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    By Mike Isaac and Jack Nicas
    April 27, 2021

    At a confab for tech and media moguls in Sun Valley, Idaho, in July 2019, Tim Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook sat down to repair their fraying relationship.

    For years, the CEOS had met annually at the conference, which was held by the investment bank Allen & Co., to catch up. But this time, Facebook was grappling with a data privacy scandal. Zuckerberg had been blasted by lawmakers, regulators and executives — including Cook — for letting the information of more than 50 million Facebook users be harvested by a voter-profiling firm, Cambridge Analytica, without their consent.

    At the meeting, Zuckerberg asked Cook how he would handle the fallout from the controversy, people with knowledge of the conversation said. Cook responded acidly that Facebook should delete any information that it had collected about people outside of its core apps.

    Zuckerberg was stunned, said the people, who were not authorised to speak publicly. Facebook depends on data about its users to target them with online ads and to make money. By urging Facebook to stop gathering that information, Cook was in effect telling Zuckerberg that his business was untenable. He ignored Cook’s advice.

    Two years later, Zuckerberg and Cook’s opposing positions have exploded into an all-out war. On Monday, Apple released a new privacy feature that requires iPhone owners to explicitly choose whether to let apps like Facebook track them across other apps.

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    Apple’s iPhone privacy clampdown arrives after 7-month delay
    By Michael Liedtke April 27, 2021

    Apple is following through on its pledge to crack down on Facebook and other snoopy apps that secretly shadow people on their iPhones to help sell more advertising.

    The new privacy feature, dubbed “App Tracking Transparency,” rolled out on Tuesday AEST as part of an update to the operating system powering the iPhone and iPad. The anti-tracking shield included in iOS 14.5 arrives after a seven-month delay during which Apple and Facebook attacked each other’s business models and motives for decisions that affect billions of people around the world. more at.....
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    Battle of the Wet Wipes...
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