Atlas Shrugged the movie

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  1. Looks very very bad. Barely download worthy.
  2. I don't know how a movie can do the book justice or what audience it will draw. I would like to know who covered the nut for that job.
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    Time to read the book, before watching it. I first watched Fountainhead, and then read the book. The movie was not even close.

    Too bad few are ruining and taking full advantage of otherwise great system.
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    Does this have anything to do with trading?
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    Probably not, but the thread is created under Economics and this book/movie deals with this subject.

    After all, Greenspan was one of Rand's "acolyte".
  6. i think the world has suffered enough from this idiotic idealog.
  7. The scenes I saw looked good. Impressively close to the book.
  8. No doubt, the reviewers and critics will shrug.

    I'll let you know after I have a look at it on television, probably a month or so after it premieres in theaters.
  9. Who the hell would finance something like this? The only one I can think of would be Peter Thiel or one of his crew.
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