Average ObamaCare price: $328 per month.

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  1. The premium is meaningless without knowing what the coverage will be. What are the deductibles? Sky high I would imagine. What does it cover? Not much I would imagine.
    So maybe someone can explain how a reasonably cheap monthly premium with a $5,000.00 deductible, on a plan which doesn't cover anything, will help the "poor people". Then they can go on to explain why congress won't eat their own cooking.
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    This whole ACA is going to blowup big time when the true details come out. These deductibles will be sky high AND you can no longer see your old doctor (more than likely). Hell, even big labor union Hoffa (big odumbo supporter) is yelling to stop the ACA.
  3. Wow, just wow!

    Have you guys thought about the children?
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    The ACA requires that Members of Congress and other federal employees obtain health insurance either through an exchange or some other program approved by the law (such as Medicare), instead of using the current government program (the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program).
  5. so everyone pays the same price?
    a guy working at a fast food place making $7 will pay the same as someone self employed and making a couple hundred grand?

    this is the most ridiculous thing in the history of the Country.

    if this passes there will be Anarchy. trust me.

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    why do you post left wing nonsense +lies? this board has quite a few people of your persuasion who play loose with the truth.
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    I agree. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

    It's the American Way. :)
  8. If you are correct ND (I simply have no knowledge one way or the other ) ultimately I don't think it will stay that way for Congress. Their ability to exempt themselves from the real world and get the benefit of an alternate universe is legendary.

    It may remain for other federal employees.

  9. premiums are based on income
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