Average ObamaCare price: $328 per month.

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  1. what was wrong with Senator Cruz? as someone said " in matters of style, go with the flow. In matters of principle, stand like a rock!!" but he caved after spending all the effort and energy!!!

    medicare is also tax. it's deducted from your every paycheck like social security.

    Where is Uncle Sam going to find money to pay for these subsidies?

    6. How much is Obamacare going to cost me?

    It depends. What if you make more than $15,281.70, but not that much more? You don't get Medcaid. You don't have employer-sponsored health insurance and you do want coverage. How are you supposed to afford a new health insurance plan?

    The government is going to help a lot of people pay for it. If you're single and you make less than $45,960 ($94,200 for a family of four), you'll qualify for a government-sponsored subsidy to help you buy insurance. The Kaiser Family Foundation has estimated the average government subsidy for a family will be about $2,700 and the average premium costs will be about $8,250. Those costs will vary depending on the age and number of family members and the level of plan they choose to buy. Try your own scenario here.

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    $8250 is he average premium is way off because it does not include the gov't subsidy.

    for a family of 4 with $60,000 income with gov't subsidy the premium is$4,913 per year
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  3. Deductibles matter.

    For instance, a 27-year-old living in Dallas making $25,000 could pay as little as $74 a month for the cheapest "bronze" plan after subsidies, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

    But a 60-year-old in Wyoming who makes more than $46,000 a year -- too much to get a tax credit -- could pay as much as $758 for a similar plan.

    OK, that's not bad if you're dirt poor, but then there's the deductible.

    The average silver plan will carry a $2,550 deductible and $30 primary care co-pay, while the typical bronze plan will have a $5,150 deductible and $39 co-pay, according to Avelere Health.

    So total out of pocket cost to the poor will be $74.00x12=888.00 for premiums, plus the deductible of $5,150.00 equals $6,038.00 total out of pocket annually. A 25K income nets about 20K annually. That's about 1650 or so monthly. Somehow I don't see the poor being able to find the money. They'll be lucky to come up with the 39 dollar co-pay.
    This is for the cheapest plan under the best, government(you and me the taxpayers), pick up the tab senario, and this plan won't be covering much. The worst case will pay... Anyone earning more than $45,960 (I guess 46K a year is now considered rich) would be responsible for the entire tab on the Obamacare health plan of his choice. This will run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

    And the sheeple bowed before their messiah and gave him thanks.

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    doctor visits will become much shorter as they will do whatever is necessary to maintain their income level. this is an obvious given.
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    The difference is, the OPM will pick up the tab. In effect, they will have the same plans they have now, with over 70% of premiums paid by you and me :)
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    i have my usual question-where the money are coming from?

    not so fast..my relative fell into that group. guess what? they can't go out and buy a plan from exchange(forget about the subsidy). because their existing plan at work counted as 'affordable'
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  7. I guess most of these low income people will refuse to get health insurance and end up paying 1% of their income or $95 whichever is higher

    mcdonalds worker gets paid 15-16K/year, so 1% is $160 dollars per year is not that much.

    But I think fines are getting bigger by the year. I am not sure what they will do in later years

    I got several friends who never had or refused to have health insurance due to high cost/low salary combination.

    I emailed them yesterday asking what they will do about mandatory health insurance

    Answer: "Oh, I did not know it was mandatory, nobody told me."

    These are college educated people folks.

    Some people are due for a big surprise around tax time when they were forced to pay 1% of their income.
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    "These are college educated people folks."

    ever since folks has started to replace people in popular usage america has been on the decline.

    if this statement is deemed to be racist so be it,piezoe isle etc,
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  9. "Affordable Care Act" not so affordable. You're bringing home 20K a year, and 6K will go for your healthcare, leaving you with a whole 1100 bucks a month to live it up. LOL. Yeah, that'll work out just fine.
    Hey, it got passed, and now we know what's in it. How you likin' your messiah now? Perhaps it's worth the lesson to be learned. Apparently a lesson the yudt of America lost touch with. When Uncle Sugar shows up, says he's there to help and it won't cost much, you're about to get hosed.
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    "Apparently a lesson the yudt of America lost touch with. "
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