Average ObamaCare price: $328 per month.

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  1. you are very much misinformed about the ideologies sustaining the idea of the rich and the "others".
    Japan is a society, that till it opened too much to western values over the last 15 years to their losses, promoted harmony among Japanese by reducing inequality gaps AND increasing every Japanese living standards and educational levels and welfare levels.
    The major characteristics of third world countries is the strong ideologies/mindsets of the rich and the "others". And for some reasons, many rich do not wish to live in third world countries and many times prefer western countries. I guess adopting their mindset will lead us there down the road : start with the mindset and the rest follows.
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    The current system (pre-Obamacare) ensures that those of us making enough to pay taxes cover the healthcare costs of those who can't afford healthcare. Those in the middle are always at risk of a major event (severe illness or accident) throwing them into personal bankruptcy.

    Medical costs are the largest cause of personal bankruptcy.

    Obamacare is an attempt to distribute the costs of something everyone uses at some point in their lives.

    Is it fair for younger people to avoid paying into a system that they'll need at some point, then when they need it, jump on board?

    What is your solution?
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  3. Has anyone heard anything about these Obamacare subsidies going away after 3 years? I read that from a few different posts on various blogs but I haven't been able to find it anywhere else.

    Anyone here anything along those lines?

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  4. yes I read the same thing in an article sometime ago

    I will provide link if I find it
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    18 year old teens that want to drive a car MUST be insured in case they smash the grocery getter into someone else. The major cost to EVERYONE that wants to drive is to cover accident expenses, either property or bodily damage. How many remember years ago when you were involved in an accident, your first thought was "I hope this asshole has insurance" These days you must have insurance to get a license plate for the buggy, that is a mandatory cost also. Must be all those free-loaders that want a free ride. (sorry, could not resist).

    Least we not forget, it even costs to get a drivers license before you get to show your pretty face to the insurance person to ding you each year even if your driving record is clean as a whistle. Had any accidents bunky? No problem we have a special rate for clowns like you, just sign here.............

    We all hate bills, but we just deal with them. ACA in a few years will be just another bill to pay for the right to allow others to smoke, get drunk, eat processed junk foods, shoot others so the local hospital can patch them up to go back out for revenge...........

    The truth be known, the insurance companies are the ones that want ACA, they would just love to mail many more bills out.

    DEAL WITH IT!!! :D

    PS: and then comes the cost of the buggy itself..............."you must keep pouring money into a new car or fix the older one or they will do you just like a women when you quit pouring money into them...........they go bad on you"
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    Since I do trade for a living last year I paid 20k a year in health premiums for a shitty plan (high deductible, high copay) that doesn't even cover all health issues. There are lots of coverage requirements that exist for employer based plans that just don't exist for individual plans. Obamacare solves this coverage gap between individual and employer based plans. This is great for traders. It also solves the ridiculous 20K+ in premiums that the average trader pays for his family. So lower cost for higher coverage - that is a great trade.

    You need 4 things to SURVIVE: (1) Food (2) Clothing (3) Shelter and (4) Healthcare. Everything else is a luxury.

    Obamacare is going to provide 44,000,000 uninsured people with a basic life necessity. And its going to prevent the other 270,000,000 from going bankrupt due to high healthcare costs that they thought they were "insured" against.

    That is going to result in an ECONOMIC BOOM. Just check out the CBO forcasts for economic growth after Obamacare kicks in.

    So buy every dip/correction/crash because this is going to be the mother off all secular bull markets.
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    How did you pay $20K in premiums? I left corp. job 18+ years ago to trade. This year my wife and I paid $385/month for a high deductible plan ($10K deductible). My current plan covers preventive tests like annual physical, colonoscopy at no cost.

    Do you have wife and kids covered on your plan?

    And I've already posted this but we have a quote for $1000/month with Obamacare, 160% more than the $385 we pay now.
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    please explain to everyone how every developed country has some kind of affordable healthcare system without too big of a budget problem? yet when the USA does it, it will lead to doom?

    next the government needs to step in and regulate the prices for health care procedures. my dentist in france can only charge me a certain amount because the government sets the price for that, oh yeahhh that will never happen because on lobbyists.
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    There was a study not too long ago that compared the cost of an appendectomy across various hospitals around California. The cost ranged from $1500 to over $100K. They compared apples to apples, meaning all the appendectomies were routine, none involved complications.

    There's a free market healthcare system for you.
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    You can calculate your obamacare premium here:


    Even if you make a million/year like everyone on ET does your max annual premium for obamacare will be 5k (for 2 adults). Screenshot attached.
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