Ayn Rand Forecasts Economic Disaster from Collectivism & Socialism

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  2. Wow... Interesting
  3. May 24, 2011

    SouthAmerica: In the world of 2011, Ayn Rands ideas are more obsolete than the Ford Model – T.

    For all practical purposes the American capitalist system died a sudden death in 2008.

    What we have today it is just the carcass of the old economic system, but what is left behind of that old system is in a coma and in intensive care, and it is kept alive by massive US government intervention, and by taking advantage of the status of the US dollar as the main foreign reserve currency.

    This patient is very, very sick and It is just a matter of time for this patient to die.

  4. My god you are crazy... :(
  5. this woman knows what she is talking about.
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    Greenspan was an objectivist and so where most of the neo cons to some degree. They did most damage so technically she is the problem.
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    Is the final word on the matter?!
    I thought the Keynesians caused the 2008 crisis.

    What would Ayn Rand say if she was alive today?
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    Dang I can't believe Mike Wallace is still around at 93 after chain smoking like that. And Ayn Rand's weird eye movements were kinda freakin me out
  9. So Ayn Rand was for Central Planning of the economy via the Federal Reserve/Greenspan??

    That would make her a Communist.... :D
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    Greenspan completely abandoned her ideas...at least the better ones like the gold standard.
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