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  1. johnarb


    Maybe a typo? btc is in the very low $54K range, but you might have purchased last night?

    [Edit: Taking advantage of being able to update my post. For comparison of fees on a purchase made a couple of weeks ago purchase at Coinbase pro]

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  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Yeah, that was a typo. I meant to say .1841 BTC @ $54,081.
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  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    The commission is about $4 per $1000 of BTC. So the total BTC I could purchase for the $10k is about $9,960 worth.
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  4. ph1l


    Services like (formerly transferwise) can pull money from a U.S. bank and send it to a foreign bank in a few minutes. I recently did this and sucessfully sent some money to my niece's bank account in Thailand. So it's possible to send money quickly and cheaply (total cost including bid/ask spread was 0.78%) without waiting days or paying the exorbitant fees and delay for doing it by bank wire.
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  5. Specterx


    Not to pollute Baron's thread - but slow transfers are a function of the USA specifically being in the stone age, rather than an unmet need for revolutionary technology. I lived in Europe 7 years ago, and instant digital bank transfers were ubiquitous even then. When I'd talk about mailing physical paper checks to settle transactions, people reacted as though I said I rode a horse to work or burned whale-oil for light.
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  6. tsznecki


    @Baron I like the journal idea, but do you see it having any value in the age of Youtube gurus, IG influencers and general boomer sentiment on ET? Are you speaking to the right audience?

    You have strong proponents of crypto with you here, but the other half are going to rip you apart the first bad trade you have.
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    • I think this is a buy-and-hold type of journal.
    • Youtube gurus, IG influencers, and general boomer sentiment on ET is mostly quick profits from short term trades of a month or less.
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  7. yc47ib


    I had unpleasant experiences with, Coinbase and I use Kucoin ( mostly now, I do not see anything that Kucoin cannot do while FTX can. Just my two cents based on my experience. But I am mostly on Defi now, so a fiat on ramp is all I need. For that, I use the free one,, it is enough for me, $1000 a week limit. This is the only free real time on ramp from Fiat to Crytpo as far as I know, and it is real time, a few pennies for $1000, sometimes free; I accumulate US dollars in strike, and Dollar Cost Average into BTC whenever there is a dip in BTC to support levels, by transferring the USD to KuCoin, the moment it transfers, it is converted to the BTC at market price.
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  8. yc47ib


    Cryto today is 1997 of Internet, back then there were a lot of doubt too, but look at Baron and his story.
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  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I would rather have an audience that can learn about crypto instead of an audience of people who think they're experts. There's a lot of people on Youtube and other social media that run their mouths a lot, but they really have no idea what they are doing. One day they love bitcoin, the next day they say sell your bitcoin because of china, or because of Tether, or because of upcoming regulation, or because of whatever the next doom and gloom scenario they come up with is. Then they are all about NFTs, and then Doge or Shiba, but when bitcoin bounces back up, they are back to being bullish on BTC. It's like this never-ending cycle of chasing what is seemingly hot, but never actually capturing much of any upside moves.

    And in terms of people ripping me to shreds when a bad trade happens, don't worry about me. I can take the heat.
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