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  1. Cool @Baron

    I just had a flashback. I started as a NASDAQ day trader, back in 1998. By 1999, I was living on Mulberry St., between Bleecker & Houston, in this super decked out apartment. Happy times. All I knew is that I was trading 4 letter symbols, on the keyboard, L2, and things were great. I was young, and stupid...

    During 1999, a billboard came up on my street. And then it HIT ME. Ideas had become tangible reality. I will never forget that moment. There it was, the SIGN.


    PS. I was just messaging my old college friend. His company:
    was just acquired by FTX. Small world...
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  2. Overnight


    That's because you're already shredded. Serious triceps, man!
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  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I had some issues with FTX clearing my latest ACH deposit this week, but it looks like they got it sorted out today so I will be buying another $5k of BTC this afternoon.
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  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Ok, confirming I just bought .0799 BTC @ $62,306
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    • BTC-USD 1-year chart looks very bullish.
    • Very close to all time high - no resistance after.
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  5. KCalhoun


    Hey ok I'll trade btc too via new ProShares BITO etf coming next week...if liquidity and range are decent.

    I like ETFs because no major gaps, usually.... though this may be different. I'll daytrade vs swing at first. Hey bitcoin traders, which is usually bigger range -- intraday or overnight gaps?

    Good to hear Baron re your trading, btc seems to have lots of momentum lately.
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  6. BKR88


    This is approx. what gaps will be like on a BTC etf.

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  7. I swing trade GBTC and ETHE quite a bit but this new ProShares ETF should be interesting. My guess is volume develop pretty quickly. Knowing ProShares, an inverse one is probably not far behind. Next question, will there eventually be options on the ETF?

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  8. d08


    That's mostly a problem outside of Europe and how the system has been stuck in the past. I have free instant (>30 sec) transfers anywhere in Europe up to €100k. The wire/ACH system is definitely stuck in mid 1900s.
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  9. RedDuke


    If options ever materialize they will be game changer for people who want to bet and be able to collect for sure.
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