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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by CdnFuturesTrader, Feb 27, 2022.

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    Howdy everyone,

    I added an email notification option to my Exclusive Deals page on my site. Basically as soon as there's any new deal, promo, discount or other on one of the funded futures trader evaluations I follow, I'll send out an automated notification to all.

    With funded futures trader evaluation company discounts heating up, and some companies running 1-day promos, this is a great way for me to relay information to everyone quickly without having to create a video or other.

    You can find the subscription (100% free) box on my Exclusive Discounts page:

    As well, I'm often asked about the myriad of new trader evaluation companies popping up. Honestly, I'm not seeing anything with benefits that are worth taking a risk on. Stick with companies with proven track records of paying out their traders. I only endorse the ones on my site.

    Extra special hello to all the evaluation company haters! Maybe sign up and be notified of a new promo!