Beautiful Bellagio video

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    My favorite hotel in the world, watch starting minute 5 to see why

  2. destriero


    I've stayed at all of the top hotels and Cosmo is my new favorite. Top 5 6 hotel (rooms) ranked:

    1) WA
    2) Four Seasons (beds too small) suites
    3) Cosmo
    4) Encore
    5) Bellagio (due to age)
    6) Nobu
  3. destriero


    WA suites are without peer but the hotel and pool are dead. You can walk thru the halls and never see another guest. 1-2 guests at the pool.
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  4. KCalhoun


    Thx, will check them out. Bs pool area is great since shaded, in back... but no pool parties.

    I used to like club Tao at Venetian, easy to score w hotties. I miss that shit : o

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  5. That really is a beautiful hotel.
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  6. DT-waw


    Bellagio, Encore and some others are a great examples why interior design matters. Why architecture MATTERS. Why feng shui MATTERS. Its the art of making a space not only beautiful, but also inspiring, joyful, full of positive energy. Most people dont pay any attention to this aspect. Yet, design is THE ONLY aspect which made Las Vegas, Dubai or Barcelona so many tourists. Its the reason why Apple is so big now. Just good design.
    Dont underestimate it.
    Ultimately, its the art of manage the energies around us.
    Only those art or metaphysics oriented truly gets it.
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  7. Architecture always matters, one can see that even in the simplest residential building, what's left for a multi-million dollar hotel and casino, I think.