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  1. brilliant........looked like ben defacated himself....appeared very uncomfortable :p
  2. Great video, but I don't think Bernanke looked particularly uncomfortable. He didn't so much "defecate himself" as exhibit the air of someone who doesn't give a shit.

    Regardless, Ron Paul is one cool dude and a rugged individualist among his peers. I like him.
  3. what a smug, poker face....

    good to know someone is being realistic in this country,,,,

    this administration is worse than Hoover, and we are already in the aire, falling, and haven't seen the worse of it yet...

    and these idiologs, and polyana free market economists keep ignoring the realistic facts from the view of the man on the ground....

    who really is benefiting from this economy?

    kudos to those senators today!
  4. perhaps it was gas then ,as the building had to evacuated shortly thereafter.....smell of sulfer filled the room.

    he`s no doubt going through the charade of being the puppet for the fomc......the puppet for the commite forced to sit there & pretend to care....which we all know he does not.
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    Bernanke really looked like he was majorly constipated.... there's something in his eyes that suggest that he actually understands full well what Ron Paul is addressing, but he won't have the courage to say well, I need my job and will keep debasing our dollar if I have to.
  6. Why do we need more pon paul threads? Ron paul is an idiot. He knows little about economics and finance. It would be a disaster if he won. The dow would probably lose 2000 points.
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    So Ron Paul is an idiot because StockTurder says so? LOL
  8. He has a strong dollar policy and opposes rate cuts. If he could control the fed the dow would be at 11500 and we would have already entered a recession.
  9. Hopefully the next President.
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