Best broker for day trading Commodities & Indices?

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  1. I have IB, what other brokers do you recommend? Are CFD brokers good?
  2. Robert Morse

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    We offer Futures with accounts starting at $25,000.
    We offer a max of 25% of SPAN for DT.
    Software is either Realtick or CQG QTrader.
    Commissions start at $0.60/Future plus a pass through of all platfrom, regulatory, exchange clearing and market data.

    Email or call me for more information.

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  3. toc


    IB is so good in most of the instruments, that I do not even look at other brokers.

    Instead of trying to save pennies in commissions, try to spend more efforts in earning dollars via better trading, IMHO.
  4. CALLumbus


    Customer service ? Margins ? Platform ? ...
    For a pure Futures Trader, there are much better options available than IB. But if you want and/ or need all the worldwide markets in one package, then IB is a good alternative.
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  5. Jasper21


    I would suggest trading with FP Markets. I Currently trade with them because they better trading condition, and I can access 10,000+ tradable instruments with commodities and indices.
  6. oxhimang


    I trade with fxview, low spreads and margins are cool plus there’s no restriction on the SL and TP limits. And yeah, it’s a CFD broker so as for the 2nd part of your post, I guess you should go for one. What’s the harm when you get to speculate without having to purchase it?
  7. For commodities I use turnkeyforex. USO/USD and UKO/USD, the 2 commodities I generally trade, spreads are less than 0.4 pips at all times.
  8. Pegrinn


    When you search for the best commodity broker, you will notice that the assets traded are divided into three main categories.
  9. Joeyadi


    It is quite important not to be mistaken when choosing a broker, especially if certain conditions are needed.
  10. Logan15


    I personally prefer trading with FP Markets regarding commodities and indices because it has been active since 2005, and there is no price manipulation or requotes.
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