Best broker for day trading Commodities & Indices?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by metatrader54, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Vettel5


    I can recommend FP Markets. I use them for trading commodities and Indices because they offer over 10000 different instruments.

    The main reason I prefer them is that I can enter and exit trades whenever 24/5, across almost all commodities markets.
    #11     Jul 16, 2021
  2. I'm a beginner looking for a broker to start live trading, and when I was researching, I found several good brokers but came across this broker FP Markets quite a lot.

    Looking for a few opinions on traders that are currently trading with them or have used them in the past?
    #12     Jul 19, 2021
  3. Adler


    Hey preetham19, I'm currently a trader using FP Markets and, from my experience, I will say it is a good broker to trade live with a lower opening balance of $100 AUD and commission costs of $3 per lot.
    #13     Mar 3, 2022
  4. fargone


    Been doing some trading in usousd for a few weeks now with fxview - getting solid spreads and low commission of 2 bucks rt.
    #14     Mar 14, 2022
  5. pixel


    $2 on stocks as well? What spread do you get on that USOUSD?
    #15     Apr 13, 2022
  6. I have traded with brokers like XM and Pepperstone for day trading and indices, but later moved to a different broker, FP Markets, since they have over +10000 instruments to trade in global stocks and commodities.
    #16     Apr 19, 2022
  7. wmwmw


    FP Markets charges $6 per lot round turn.
    While a lot of firms such as fxview charge $2 per lot round turn.

    But FP Markets is most promoted broker on this site.
    Why so many people promote a high commission broker?
    #17     Apr 19, 2022
  8. fargone


    yeah, it's $2/RT, and spreads wise, it is low.
    #18     Apr 19, 2022
  9. pixel


    I knew they have low commission for forex pairs, but didn’t realize until now that it is also the same for all instruments. That’s quite cool! :thumbsup:
    #19     Apr 20, 2022
  10. Rodri


    I recommend trading with either Fxview or FP Markets since they have low spreads and margins, especially since FP Markets has over 10,000 different instruments to trade global stocks and commodities with no restrictions on the SL and TP limits.
    #20     Apr 26, 2022