Best Brokers for Scalping / Advanced traders

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    Is your keyboard broken? Don't trade today.:D
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  3. Thanks for updating me.
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    connect to all brokers. Then you can choose the best spreads, sometimes you can even get negative spreads
  6. bulls95


    For scalping,you can give turnkeyforex a try. Spreads are narrow,barely go wild. Execution speed is also a bonus.
  7. Marcos


    Any ECN regulated broker should be good. You can demo test their demo to get a better idea. Fxview is what I use for scalping.
  8. Geffry


    If you are looking for a broker for scalping do check the following -
    1. Whether its Ecn or not
    2. Must offer fast execution of trades
    3. Should charge a low commission
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    And also regulated for the safety of the funds
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