Best for Portfolio Testing - Amibroker or Ninja Trader?

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  1. # strategies: 1
    # symbols: 5 to 10
    # timeframes: 2

    Which would be a better product for backtesting portfolios, and why.


  2. are you open to other platforms besides the two listed
  3. I've used those two some in the past, but not for portfolio backtesting.

    I also use Tradestation and need something in the interim while they are integrating the Portfolio Maestro that they acquired from Rina Systems.

    I'd probably like to avoid another learning experience and further investment.

    What did you have in mind?

  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    Have you taken a look at my TradersStudio ?. In addition TradersStudio will allow you to look at not only a portfiolo of market on a single system but also results across a portfiolo of systems.

    In addition you could migrate over your tradestation signals to TradersStudio.
  5. you may want to look at tradelink.

    it's free and open source and supports 15+ different brokers.

    supports tick-based backtesting at portfolio level.

    because it's open source and broker neutral it will grow with you even as your strategies evolve and you can switch vendors generally without changing code.

    google tradelink project
  6. Murray Ruggiero

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  7. It's a good video, Murray. Thanks.
  8. Amibroker has a reputation for solid portfolio backtesting, though I haven't used it personally. Ninja backtesting generally sucks, in my experience. I wouldn't bother trying to backtest portfolios in Ninja.
  9. I was helping one of my friends with a trading system in Amibroker and found out that he referenced data 1 bar into the future.
    I was really confused because in both TradeStation and TradersStudio, you can't do this without "going through the hoops", like using undocumented functions or the programming API and he did this by accident.
    Has anyone else seen this kind of problem in AmiBroker before?
  10. What is peculiar about referencing a bar into the future?

    For example:

    SellPrice = Ref( Open, 2 );

    This is referencing future bar 2 as the sellprice.
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