Best for Portfolio Testing - Amibroker or Ninja Trader?

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  1. You may be right; however, I feel that:
    "A professional level backtesting program should not allow someone to reference the future except through special functions or programming API.
    Besides, TradeStation does not allow this, they put features in the program to stop people from creating system that cheat.
    The same is true of TradersStudio and Trading Blox"
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  2. It's just a variation on linear regression. :)

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  3. Amibroker can test 5000 equities back 20 yrs in 2 minutes with EOD data on an average new PC.

    The look forward is used for indicators and such... I believe you get a warning during backtesting telling you REFERENCING FUTURE BAR.. so its not like it's a secret thats hidden from you.
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  4. Hi,

    you can also try OpenQuant, Mutiple strategies, per strategy and consolidated portfolios backtesting. You can test with bar, tick and market depth historical data.

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  5. Murray Ruggiero

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    When I designed TradersStudio, I made sure that it was not possible to access the future besides tomorrow open using the nextopen function without calling a undocumented function which is used to create next open.

    I work with our support people and often do support also and I will tell you that customers sometime do not read documentation and are not careful. So it's really possible if it's allowed for someone to do by accident. This is why I designed TradersStudio this way.

    Another issue I addressed is specialized reporting for each asset class, Futures, Stocks,Forex. I am not sure but I don't think that available in AMIBroker either. Things like being able to combine US and international futures and get your results in dollars automatically . Forex reports including the interest rate cost of carry. Stock analysis including dividend results and also having dividend P/L broken out separately. You need to be able to do these things without any special programming because traders just will not do this analysis if they need to do extra work.

    Speed means nothing if the results are not correct or you don't have tools to judge how reliable a system will be in the future.
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