best institutional brokers - Currenex access?

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  1. hi,
    i am about to open an acct with Refco FX Pro Trader, but also doing some shopping around...just noticed that FXCMPro is offering pretty much the same platform, i.e. Currenex-based. not sure who else? doesn't seem that i can go direct to Currenex (or whether they can provide me with some reasonable leverage?) but if anybody knows of a way plse let me know.
    key issue for me, other than cost & spreads, is whether there actually is good / sufficient liquidity around market annoucements on these platforms (also, is FXall an alternative, and if yes how cld i get access to it as an individual FX money manager? again if anybody knows...). i know i'll find out when i open the live acct but...
    any views / advice much welcome!
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    I know people who tested refco pro platform and found it not quite suitable.

    Why don't you try EBS.
    Alternative could be UBSFX, FXAll
  3. What problems did they find with RefcoPro/Currenex? Could you be specific?

  4. thanks OmfY,
    btw just found this: kinda summarizes who does what at the mo'
    also just read a long thread mentioning ib as a having a multi-dealer platform offering?!...worthwhile checking out?
    but yes i wld be interested in hearing more about advantages / disadvantages of using Currenex vs FXAll etc from people who actually place trades via these platforms if you know any
    many thanks in advance
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    We have a multi-dealer platform. You can also interact with the market, i.e. you can post a bid between the spread and it will be displayed to the dealers and other IB clients.
    Check out the screenshot which I took a couple of minutes ago.
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    I don't know in detailed way, but for sure it was general appearence of the platform and its functional features then things like refco's service or order execution.

    EBS is much more attractive in that way and it's owned by largest world wide banks. But you know it's question of money to be participated.

    2 cents,

    I have no personal experience yet of these platform. Just may add that people who uses IB (stocks primary) like it.