Best paying job if you are uneducated & unemployed = Bum

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  1. Pro free market and pro capitalism....but we are still against false advertising. Many people give because they think the bums barely make enough to eat. If people knew the bums were making more than them, I doubt they would give.

    I mean, would you give to a charity where the CEO was pocketing 95% of the profits? Its the same thing.
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  2. TGregg


    The professionals (folks who are paid to help out the unfortunates) say to not hand out money. Instead, take some cash to a shelter or kitchen or other charity.
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  3. False advertising is inherent to the capitalist model (and other models as wel probably.)

    You think you need that flat screen TV to be happy like the guy in the ad?

    You really think using a certain brand of deodorant raises your chances of getting laid?

    Is Coca cola really as refreshing as he comercial suggests?

    I see no difference really.
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