Best production luxury car?

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    State your opinion and why. What features sold you?
  2. Porsche 911 -- i'm not a too technical guy to describe everything in detail...but it's just a good, overall, quality nice car :) ;)

    It's kind of like the Rolex brand...I don't think anybody would rationally disagree,
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  3. BMW 3 Series

    Everything is engineered to excellence. When you sit in the seat you are cradled in comfort. It feels like the seat is molded around you.

    The car has a distinctive throttle when you accelerate. It just sounds.......good. Like you are in charge. And when you are idling, you can't hear the engine.

    When you brake, the pads grip with authority and you decelerate in a straight line with a level of confidence I have never felt in another car.

    The car is balanced 51/49 percent (front / rear ) weight distribution. When you change lanes, the car doesn't swerve or sway.

    It's a sports sedan, not a family sedan.

    There is a good reason it has been on the TOP 10 best cars list for Car and Driver Magazine for the last 25? years.

    Most cars do some things well and lag in other areas. BMW 3 series does everything well in one package.

    It's the best car I have ever owned.
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  4. A sports car
    Not a luxury car.

    And you gotta be kidding about The Texas Timex- AKA Rolex-
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  5. May be a good car, but far from luxury
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  6. The Rolls Royce DAWN and PHANTOM are #1 in the luxury category. Followed closely by Bentley MULSANNE.

    The cars listed above are not even in the luxury category. More like babies mommy cars and sports cars.
  7. Speaking of cars-- now this is mad money

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    Volvo XC90 (in particular T8 Hybrid)

    Don't laugh. Beats all Mercedes (except AMG) hands down IMO.
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    Yes a very good choice. Especially in the US where you can drive nowhere faster then 80 mph. LOL.
    Mercedes offers best value for money for me. Comfort, speed that can be used in Germany (I drive a lot in Germany), big enough for 4/5 persons, lots of space for luggage, no problem if you meet a speed bump, reasonable prices for maintenance with garages in almost every city...

    Beating all Mercedes? I have a C400 T with chiptuning. Even original faster acceleration and higher topspeed then the Volvo. With chip +30% power. No need to take an AMG. A standard C400 is enough to beat the Volvo.
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