Best realtime option scanner for daytrading?

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  2. For daytrading you have to be quick. Instead of watching the options movement, you suggested to check the movement of the corresponding stocks. But this would lead to a time delay because you have to check first which stocks move most than select the best fitting options (strike, expiration). To me it would make sense to have a scanner which shows which options move most. In TOS´options hacker you can scan the option market for specific creterias. For example (stock price, delta, volume, open interest, impl. volatility, expiration). In this scan not only the stocks can be shown but also the options. And in the corresponding watchlist for this scan you could create columns to look how the %change for these options is for the last 1, 5, 15 m.
    But it is not possible to set up a breakout scanner for options in TOS. For example to show the options which increased 10% in the last 5 minutes. Maybe this would be possible in TC 2000. But i don´t know yet.
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    Do both for 6 weeks - then decide?

    Options scanner screener realtime -
    Stock scanner screener realtime -

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    This looks interesting. Thanks!
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    It seems that lately option tail is wagging equity dog. The infamous gamma squeeze starts with buying of OTM calls. @destriero, any thoughts on this?
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