Betting on rising interest rates and/or rising inflation?

Discussion in 'Fixed Income' started by BMK, Jan 19, 2022.

  1. BMK


    Any thoughts on these two?

    I have cross-posted this to the ETF forum...
  2. BKR88


    I've been in IVOL for several months. Scaling out at a loss.
    Rising yields are hurting all fixed income products so if you think yields will continue to rise, I'd avoid.
    It's holding are 85% SCHP plus an options strategy yet SCHP has done better so apparently their option strategy isn't working so well.

  3. 2rosy


    short back month eurodollar futures
  4. zghorner


    Forgive my question, it is not out of criticism (I am in no position to tell anyone how to trade), but genuine interest for discussion's sake.

    Why scale out of a declining position instead of drop it all at once? Do you anticipate a big move in the very near future? would it be better to drop it now then buy in again after it has reversed direction?
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  5. BKR88


    All of my positions (more than 100) are small so I'm not pressured to take the loss. If I exit, I won't re-enter. No confidence in their options strategy, whatever it is. I originally sold calls against so waited for Dec. expiration. Sold 50% with limit orders to exit on any bounce. Collecting 4% monthly div. while I hold.
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