Beware of Adobe 8 upgrade

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  1. I just got a message to upgrade Adobe reader to v8 on my XP dual core that was working perfectly. Soon after that, my system got sluggish and I got a blue security screen that I had to check installed programs. I noticed that Adobe installed to startup processes, one called reader_sl.exe that were consuming all my memory and CPU and who knows what else they were doing.

    Any experience with similar issues with Adobe or any other programs. It is getting too frustrating with these issues.

    Any other solutions to ged rid of this junk program?
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    Adobe X or 10 is the latest. get that
  3. I got the same message but my computer wouldn't download it. I cancelled it.
  4. Can you use a restore point to restore your system to before you installed the update? Also, what about trying foxpro for pdfs instead?
  5. I had installed Adobe X a month or so ago - and it screwed things up for a while.. There may have been an update - but my Windows 7 system DID NOT like it....

    I would take like 60 seconds to print a a drawing out ..... instead of 5 or so with the older version.. so be careful if you use this program a lot.
  6. I think the point is -- drop adobe reader and find a slimmer solution.

    The program has become this massive thing that every update just gets bigger and bigger -- for a pdf reader. Not worth it when so many good alternatives out there.
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