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    My local shops only sell new products, and no salemen know anything about multi screens. The only quote they gave me is a multl screen card will cost me USD$1000. However, I just did a basic search and found Matrox used G450 only cost me $5 online. Then the salesman trying to sell me a 22 inch wide LCD. The sales said, 22 inch AOC brand Wide LCD cost me $250 vs 2 17 inch regular LCD costs me $200 each.

    Although I think the sales is lying for the price for multi screen card, it is kind of making sence to buy a bigger screen vs 2 small screens.

    What do you think?
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    I recently bought a 22" widescreen. I have been using 19" so I thought I would be able to get more charts, etc. on my widescreen but I actually get less. It all boils down to resolution. I think you will be able to get a lot more stuff on the two 17's.

    2-17's 1280x1040x2=2,662,400

    1-22 1680x1050=1,732500

    p.s. dual monitor cards are not expensive
  3. I've got 2 screens (19'' inch each) and that's very comfortable.
    Much more comfortable than a single screen even if the single one was larger.
    Just an example : when you work with 2 different windows, you can maximize each window on one of the 2 screens (it maximizes in the screen it was open), just using the middle button on the window caption. This is much more ergonomic compared with what you shloud do with only one screen.
    With only one screen, if you work with 2 windows, I think as well that the width/height ratio of your 2 windows will not be very ergonomic (too large, not so much height).
    And for the same price, you will have more pixels on 2 screens than on a single one (graphics cards in general limit the resolution and usually resolution is also limited on new flat screens).
    Just a recommandation : ask a demo with 2 screens, you will see the difference.
    Another advantage to have 2 screens for us traders : if one does not work anymore, you still have another one for the day :)

    Hope these remarks will help you,

  4. If you spend any serious time in front of your screen, do your eyes a favor and invest in larger screen(s). If I had to choose, I would opt for the larger monitor, 30" over dual 20's, even at the sake of less real estate.... if you consider the 24 the "large" monitor, I would choose dual 20-22's over the 24...

    (add up the total pixels to determine your screen real estate) determine what will accomodate your trading workspace....

    Depending on available slots will determine compatible video cards. Dual dvi-d 256mb graphic cards can be obtained for $250/US, less expensive and equally suitable cards can be obtained for far less.

    Most Video cards will handle a 24' monitor, if you go to 30" you will need to verify the card will handle the resolution.

    I may recommend that you search Gnome and Nitro's past posts, as they are both very knowledgeable and have posted many thoughts on this subject.

    I hope this helps...

    PS: I ran quad 20's in the past and currently am running dual 30" dells along with dual 20" dells. The larger screens are absolutely wonderful, if for no other reason than elimination of eye strain...

    edit: the previous poster has some excellent points. Dual screens do provide more real estate and versatility... For me the larger screens are more of blessing due to eye comfort... after 30-years in front of monitors, I really appreciate the difference... (also less scrolling :) )
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    1. $1,000 for a card? Ridiculous.
    2. 17" monitors are overpriced for the marketplace.
    3. You need to decide whether you're going to display in VGA or DVI, and SXGA or UXGA... many cards have DVI limits.
    4. You have to consider whether your mobo is AGP or PCIE.

    Once you know those things, THEN you can get the proper video cards to run them.

    My preference is the Nvidia Quadro NVS line.
  6. I might note Dell is currently running some monitor pricing discounts.

    The 2407wfp at $569 shipped is an awesome deal. This is an awesome monitor if you can live with the 1900x1200 display size.

    I am seriously considering one or two of their new 3007wfp-HC 30" monitors for use on my Mac Pro running the AT1900x video card. At $1279 shipped these are also a pretty good deal directly from Dell. They can be bought a little cheaper on Ebay, with the associated risks.

    I'm currently running (2) ViewSonic GS815 21" CRT monitors at 1900x1440 and I might wait a little longer.
  7. You dont need an expensive graphics card for trading, the expensive ones are for gaming. I have used NVIDA cards for years.

    Current system:

    2 Nvidia GeoForce 8500GT PCI Express Dual Monitor
    Graphic Cards 256 Mb

    Cost $99 each

    Had the 6800 model for past 2 yrs worked fine, recently upgraded
    as i built new computer.

  8. I just got a 24" Acer from Micro Center for $399. Mail-in rebate brings it down to $299. Can't go wrong. I think the rebate ends 10/28 tho. Works great.
  9. Bingo....

    Do you think the Acer looks a little soft?

    I use (2) of the Dell 24" monitors on a video production work station, and they are very sharp and easy to watch all day.

    I was checking out the monitor selection at my local CompuUSA and the Acer seemed to be a little softer, but I have not compared them side by side.

    The pricing you mention is very compelling and I agree hard to beat.
  10. Byte,
    I did not have much time to compare. Yours may well be better. My 19" View Sonic (only 3 years old) crapped out and I had to get one quickly. If money was no problem my first choice would be 30" Apple no questions asked.
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