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    You must have good instincts and discipline.
    I do not have either, so I let mechanical rules and a fixed Bracket Order or
    OCA (One Cancels All) orders containing the Buy Limit,
    Sell Limit= +25% (+.40 minimum) or Stop = -.40 to -.50 (Stop depends on option cost and did Buy No. 2 fill or not). These parameters are set up Reward to Risk 1/1.
    Average Win/Loss over the last Decade Plus, 70% to 75%.
    When a system falls below W/L: 70% and I can't enhance it for better performance, its finished. Out the 6 systems that have been programmed since 2004-2005, 4 are still viable, 2 defunct,
    and a new one (since Oct-2017) is being forward tested currently.

    I wish I had your will, disciple & instincts, but I don't, so I don't even watch the trade station during the day. I just let the wonderful automation that Interactive Brokers created do its job.
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    spy guy

    You seem to have a plan in place that works for you stick with it there are a lot of good ways to trade
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