Bill Ackman: The Next Warren Buffett

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by 777, Nov 20, 2021.

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    Nice video, thanks for posting!
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    There are people who simply impress with their decisions and even if something at first glance seems illogical or strange - over time you realize that all these are links of the same chain that really matter and which will definitely lead to another successful project will be launched and the state will be higher by a couple of hundred million. So watching them and learning from them is a really worthwhile activity, which leads to the fact that you yourself become a little bolder and you yourself look at familiar things in a different way and you yourself realize what you didn’t think before. prudent or standing. It's actually harder than it sounds, but it definitely works.
  4. Today's opinion leaders and inventors and investors are radically different from those who have impressed us in the past, they really are people who are prepared to take bold decisions and are not at all stopped by any difficulties or by the fact that no one has done anything like this before.
    They really can act and make mistakes and this does not make them weaker at all.
    He's a new age entrepreneur - that's what they say on the internet and in the newspapers, he's pushing hard and his powers are so great today that he can really change some of the world's economic processes.
    This is really important and it will give you a different perspective on what's going on.
    And yes, you can definitely take an example from him.
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    For me, Warren Buffett is no longer a landmark.
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    That kind of statement demands explanation
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  7. Well, back in 2015, Ackman was called "Baby Buffet", on the cover of Forbes. Think "Valeant", and then "JC Penney". After that magazine cover, dude imploded.


    It also reminds me of Eddie Lampert, and Sears-KMart being the next Berkshire-Hathaway...

    From the people whom I know, that have personally met him (Bill Ackman), a pretty arrogant person...
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    There are more successful investors than old Buffett.