Bitcoin Nasdaq correlation (for 400 Alex)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Chood, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Chood


    Anyone have a handle on correlation or not of Bitcoin and Nasdaq 100? Looking at rise in both since last September or so, along with the few dips in both this year, I see them as correlated. How about right now? Coin is down quite a bit tonight, while Nasdaq futures rebounding.

    The answer is . . .?
  2. DaveV


    The Pearson Correlation between QQQ and GBTC (the Bitcoin ETF) is 0.31, which is not very correlated. Between SPY and GBTC is 0.20
  3. Chood


    All time or less than all time? Time if latter, thanks. I should add Coin cash vs QQQ, I suppose, since the Coin ETF is very recent (right?).
  4. johnarb


    From another thread below. Once in a while I see a 10 year correlation chart of bitcoin vs other investment assets on Twitter, but I don't save them

    The one i really like is that bitcoin has the best Sharpe ratio vs all investment assets

  5. Pekelo


    Yes they are very correlated. Anything else?
  6. LuckyMac


    I think it is way too early to try and correlate anything with Bitcoin. It is not stabilised and has not found its true pattern yet. Maybe in a few years it may set one but still in its infancy imo
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  7. %%
    Good points.
    The legs of the lame are not equal. Bernie Maddoff did run NasdaQ \so anything is possible.................................................................................New IRS question; ''have you ever traded ,exchanged..... any crypto?? '' The tax lawyer said, think carefully before you answer that.
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  8. johnarb


    The answer is "YES" :D
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  9. %%
    Good thing they did not ask about confederate money/LOL. I have never traded confederate money, but i did try to give an Argentine dealer of maps, US dollars. He did not want them, so i got the bilingual guide to pay in pesos.
    [NOTa prediction, not a peso holder @ this time . Like USD, silver, brass, copper, ETFs/ inverse + 2x , 3X longs]:caution::caution::caution:
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