BLM's millions unaccounted for after leaders quietly jumped ship

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    Will this story fade away or will the blm unaccounted millions be investigated?
    Get your loot on blm it's 2022 for pete's sake. Nobody at the DOJ cares. Scoop that crap up and go go go!
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    California threatens to hold BLM's leaders personally liable over missing financial records

    The California Department of Justice has threatened to hold the leaders of Black Lives Matter personally liable if they fail to fork over information about the charity's $60 million bankroll within the next 60 days, according to a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner.

    The move came just days after a Washington Examiner investigation found that BLM has had no known leader in charge of its millions since its co-founder resigned in May and that the Los Angeles address it lists on its tax forms is wrong.
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    Sorry to talk over your head, I just remember to dumb things down more.
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    What do they think this an election? "We don need no stinkin' records."
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    BLM shuts down fundraising after Washington Examiner investigation

    Black Lives Matter shut down all of its online fundraising streams late Wednesday afternoon, just days after California threatened to hold the charity's leaders personally liable over its lack of financial transparency.

    The move comes less than a week after a Washington Examiner investigation found that BLM has had no known leader in charge of its $60 million bankroll since its co-founder resigned in May. California and Washington recently ordered BLM to cease all fundraising activities in their blue states due to the failure of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the legal entity that represents the national BLM movement, to report information about its finances in 2020, the year it raised tens of millions amid the racial protests and riots that followed George Floyd's killing.
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    Amazon suspends Black Lives Matter from its charity platform

    The beleaguered Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has been kicked off Amazon’s charity platform for its failure to disclose where tens of millions in donations it received nearly two years ago have ended up.

    AmazonSmile, which gives a portion of eligible purchases on the online shopping site to charities, said it “had to temporarily suspend” the group today, an Amazon spokesperson told The Post.

    “States have rules for nonprofits, and organizations participating in AmazonSmile need to meet those rules,” the spokesperson said. “Unfortunately this organization fell out of compliance with the rules in several states, so we’ve had to temporarily suspend them from the program until they come into compliance.”

    Amazon plans to hold any funds that have accumulated for BLMGNF “until they’re back in compliance,” the spokesperson said. AmazonSmile has raised more than $300 million for charities, according to its website.
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    BLM accounting gimmick further delays disclosure of its $60M bankroll

    Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the charity that serves as the face of the national BLM movement, quietly changed its 12-month accounting cycle to July through June. By going from a calendar to a fiscal year, BLM has until mid-May to report what it did with the millions that flooded into its coffers beginning in the second half of 2020. The move enabled BLM to report a sparse, short-year Form 990 to the IRS that covered its activities during only the first half of 2020, when the entity was entirely dormant as a fiscally sponsored project of the California charity Thousand Currents. It was also the period just before BLM exploded as a cause celeb following George Floyd's racially charged death.
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    BLM’s disasters leave Democrats vulnerable

    The Democratic Party is finally realizing its vulnerability on culture issues, and perhaps no group better exemplifies the problem than Black Lives Matter.

    The group’s eponymous slogan swept all before it in recent years. Democrats around the country repeated it. Corporate leaders paid obeisance to it. Sports leagues displayed it. Such was its totemic power that a more inclusive version of the three words — all lives matter — was considered a dangerous heresy.

    The BLM agenda on criminal justice — based on the idea fewer criminals should be arrested and held in jail — took hold in blue jurisdictions, and the slogan “Defund the Police” got traction despite its utter impracticality and obvious political destructiveness.

    Now, it’s obvious how shortsighted and foolhardy all this was. The rise in violent crime is a clear and present danger to the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, and progressive prosecutors allied with BLM who have pursued soft-on-crime policies in the midst of a crime wave are under fire, facing either recalls or heavy criticism.

    BLM the group is continuing to find ways to underline its own extremism as it withers under scrutiny for its dodgy finances.
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