BluFX and Similar (getting money to trade)

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  1. Anyone heard of

    Apparently they fund you with a 50K account for a monthly subscription fee.

    I don't know what the leverage is. Their platform is proprietary and not MT4 or MT5.

    Are there other similar companies?
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    Considering you have only 3 posts and one of them is an advertisement, I'd say this is a conspicuous advertisement and you're some sort of promoter.
  3. No, I'm not an affiliate or any promoter. It seems the crowd here is much smarter than ForexFactory so I didn't think to clarify that to this fine group.
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  5. I wonder if they're really just running a demo account internally. In any case, based on the leverage and their requirements, it's just not practical, for me anyway.
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    There are tons of forex brokers out there. It's quite hard to find which ones are honest. If some broker offers free stuff, you better read the T&C s. always.
  7. So much sketchyness in these companies I don't know where to start. is paying a company named Perfect Privacy LLC to hide it's owner. On their website they claim to be in Finland, but seems their being hosted out of Germany(while the LLC hiding them is in the US) When I checked their address listed on the website it seems to be a building with a bunch of businesses like restaurants/nightclubs. A lot of red flags there.

    Apiaryfund I read they want you to pay $1,400 for their "training materials" and then charge a monthly fee on top of that although their website seems to say they only charge between $97 and $697.

    Topsteptrader has a few people that claimed there account balances were being manipulated lower so they never have to pay out.
  8. sure. there are many other similar companies that have sprung up with time.I was with one, FTMO but didn't pass their challenge because of their rules. i don,t think they mean well for traders though. I presently i'm with BluFX for 4 months now. Its been a roller coaster but i'm now profitable and have made withdrawals. I use MT4 platform, so maybe things have changed with time.
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