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  1. Schwarzenegger: Stop making bobblehead dolls
    Governor demands all dolls in his likeness, payment, be given to him

    Saturday, May 1, 2004 Posted: 10:02 AM EDT (1402 GMT)

    CANTON, Ohio (AP) -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to stop two Ohio brothers from making and selling bobblehead dolls in his likeness.

    A thousand of the Schwarzenegger dolls were produced in part for charity about a month ago by Ohio Discount Merchandise run by Todd and Toby Bosley. They feature the governor in a suit with an ammo belt and machine gun.

    "He wants the doll terminated," said Todd Bosley, the company's president.

    The governor's law firm, Lavely & Singer, sent Bosley a letter demanding he immediately stop making and selling the dolls, deliver any remaining dolls to their offices and make a substantial payment to Schwarzenegger.

    Schwarzenegger has authorized a lawsuit if the conditions aren't met, the letter said. A message for attorney Martin Singer was not returned Friday.

    Cancer charity gets $5 a doll
    While Schwarzenegger's lawyers insist the former film star owns his name, likeness and all publicity rights, the bobblehead brothers contend he is a public political figure and therefore can no longer control his image.

    The brothers say they plan to fight for the doll.

    "This isn't something we did for a profit," Toby Bosley said.

    The Bosleys' business gets about $1.50 per doll, while a fund that provides grants for cancer research gets $5 per the doll. The sale price is $19.95 each.

    Schwarzenegger became aware of the doll when his wife, Maria Shriver, visited a Washington gift shop, according to the brothers. She was offended and asked the shopkeeper to remove it from the shelves.

    The brothers market other dolls, too. Their best seller is model Anna Nicole Smith, followed by Jesus.
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