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    I guess I know better than to ask, but could this thread go without the flaming and give honest thoughts if someone is with Bright? The reviews for Bright are 2 years old, and I was looking for input on their training program and the firm itself. Feel free to pm if you don't want to post here and be subject to the usual heat here on ET.
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    I trade for Bright remotely and would not go anywhere else in the prop. world.

    Costs are stripped of all extra bells and wistles, so be prepared to pay for things like training.
  3. the firm has a good reputation for being honest & ethical with its traders. very few traders do post on elite from bright for some reason strange. they are probably too busy making money to respond to et. the don will speak for them. lol. depends on what your looking for in a firm. they are one of several good pro firms that offer traders what they need.
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    I trade remote with Bright and very satisfied (have been with a few different firms). I trade with a group of traders each day (you can request to be placed in a mentorship program depending on your style, which is a great way of helping new traders succeed) and we discuss different strategies/things we're experiencing, ect. There are some very very good traders in Bright, many of whom have been with the firm for a longtime. As noted, many great Bright traders do not post or visit this site.
  5. I’ve been with Bright Trading for about 8 years. Back in 2002 I was at a technology conference in Atlanta, Don asked me. “Now that you’ve been with the company for a couple of years, you’ve probably seen the good, the bad and the ugly”. I scratched my head and couldn’t think of anything ugly to say about Bright Trading back then. Fast forward to 2008, I still haven’t thought about anything ugly to say about Bright Trading.

    My last name is not Bright but after trading with them for awhile they treat you as family. I cannot think of anywhere else where someone can get that kind of personalized attention. One of my top values is honestly and I do best without fluff and like to hear the truth upfront. If I had one word to describe the Bight’s it would be honesty.

    As far as proprietary trading firms go, they have the capital to back your operation, use Goldman for clearing, and have the brains of Bob Bright behind the scenes. In my opinion, Bob’s one of the sharpest minds in the business of trading and ranks in the top one percent of the top ten percent. He possesses the mind of a renaissance and can manipulate complex numbers in his head with an uncanny focus, yet still has common sense. I would like to add that I rarely take anyone’s advice, Bob is the exception.

    Don knows the ins and outs of the game and is not shy about sharing it with his students and makes an excellent instructor. In trading, education is an ongoing process; Don’s in it for the long haul and is always there to help.

    Tammy also does a fine job running the show and is always an absolute pleasure to deal with. After hurricane Katrina we had rolling unscheduled power outs in my area. At first I wasn’t aware of it. Once my UPS’s gave out I lost everything except my cell phone. I called Tammy and told her the positions I had on and wanted to cover. She bought and sold numerous positions out of her own account to zero me out later on. No questions asked. Try doing that with another firm.

    I’m very satisfied and have no reason to go elsewhere. I think they offer a great balance of everything one needs in order to succeed in the business of trading.
  6. Does Bright allow for pairs/trading of futures over extended periods (i.e. having a position open for 4 - 6 weeks)? Also, I wish Bright would allow for remote training. Is this feasible? I'm interested in Bright as well; however, it's not a viable option for me to attend the 3 day or 2 week training sessions. With remote classes, I'm sure Don would attract more traders.


    Please consider training webinars (even if it's time delayed/recorded). I would be willing to pay 50% more for the classes.

    Any thoughts...

  7. put the classes on youtube. they have private options. all you have to do is film one class.
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    Bright is a good prop firm. The only thing can improve on is the comission rate. If they could match IB's commissions for low volume traders, they'd be perfect. Also, get rid of the desk fee.
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    I agree.... I'd love remote training, but I guess for some the whole idea of you going local for the training just shows you really are willing to take a shot in the business....

    For anyone who took the training, did you find it valuable?
  10. i dont trade with them
    but have a bunch of respect for Don.. to me thats what is important
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