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  1. Fonz


    Hi guys,

    I am looking for a future broker with these specs:
    - US based
    - Server-side bracket orders (like DMA for futures, no smart routing)
    - Low margin requirement for intra-day trading
    - Reasonably priced for their services
    - LLC and partnership accounts
    - Phone app, just to cancel orders in case of internet or power outage.

    I am also looking for a trading station, which could be broker free, with this specs:
    - Price range charts
    - Tick range charts
    - Import or creation of indicators
    - DOM
    - Fast, to take advantage of server-side orders
    - Exports for trading logs (Excel is best)
    - And in addition, keyboard trading, chart trading and enhanced DOM (volume), would be even better.

    So far I use:
    1. Tradestation: They almost have everything, except server-side bracket orders (bad for day trading and scalping) and their "low margin" for day trading is never right (have to call the desk over and over for this "option")
    2. IB + Multicharts: Since Multicharts do not offer price and tick range charts, I use them for other trading activities.

    Thank you for you advice
  2. Robert Morse

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    Hi Fonz,

    We offer Realtick (RT) and CQG QTrader/Desktop. I know for sure that RT conditional orders are server side and expect CQG are too. Our commissions start at $0.60/future + pass-through of software, NFA and exchange clearing. I'm not sure if RT has a phone app but CQG does. With accounts starting at $25,000, we offer either 25%, 50% or 100% of SPAN margin for day trading. For information email me. My email is below.
    Yes, we can do corporate accounts and IRAs. We use Wedbush futures-A US-based FCM.
  3. MattZ

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    We can hook up your Multicharts through CQG or Rithmic, and provide the server side bracket.
    Also, we can enable the credentials to work on the native application of the data providers, and they could be used for your Excel programming. For example, Rithmic has excellent ability to incorporate with Excel.
  4. MarkBrown


    MC does have price and tick range charts... I use them every day. CQG dom has brackets through R.J. O'Brien.
  5. NinjaTrader_Ray

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  6. Fonz


    Multicharts does not offer any range charts, price or tick based. The closest "range chart" may be kagi or renko. They offer tick by tick time based charts.
    Anyway, thank you Mark.
  7. MarkBrown


    anyway i guess you do not understand that "range bars" in tradestation is the same as "point bars" in multicharts.

    in tradestation a 1 point range bar of @es is the same exact thing as a 4 point bar in multicharts your welcomed...

    where tradestation uses the whole point to make range bars multicharts uses the trade tick size to build the same bar.

    another example so you fully understand is @rty in ts is still 1 point range bar = 10 tick trades = 1 point in multicharts.

    another example 5 point range bar in ts for @es would be 20 point bar in mc because there are 4 points(ticks) in each point 4(ticks)x5(points)=20.
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  9. MattZ

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    CQG DOM is universal across all FCMs that support it.

    Thank you for pointing out the point and range on MC.
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  10. Robert Morse

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