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    I just started Forex trading with and their spreads are horrible. Which company offers the best spreads for mini-lots and no commissions?
  2. Not sure if they're the best, but check out OANDA. I signed up for demo and they have terrific position sizing flexibility and very small spreads. I was trading EUR/USD today and while their spreads are variable, I was getting 1.5 pip spread all morning. I didn't even realize they could fractionalize pip spreads until recently.

    BTW, there's a review of them here in ET.
  3. Just on a visual it seemed that Tradestation had among the lowest spreads. Anyone have good or bad experience with them for FOREX?

    FXCM looked decent as well....
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    Oanda is best for spreads and is very reputable.

    Coach> Stay away from FXCM. There are better brokers out there.
  5. Oanda and/or IB. Forget the rest.
  6. Thanks! I am down to choosing between Tradestation or Oanda, leaning towards TS since they have better charting capabilities and tight spreads on the majors.

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    Its true that Oanda charting can be improved but will you be doing mostly scalp-short intraday trades? If not then you could use TS for charting and trade using Oanda.

    I never had any experience with TS in terms of FX so I can't comment on that.
  8. Scalp short intraday trades. I am alreadys using TS for charting so I will use it regardless I guess but just like having everything together. i may try it for a few weeks with a small amount of money and take it from there....
  9. I use Oanda, and use the esignal forex charting service (perhaps the best data feed as it is from GTIS). Not "cheap" - but often you can see price moves a second or two before they show up on Oanda (who I use). (don't try and arb Oanda as they can kick you off for doing so.)
    Optionscoach, Tradestation is not cheap - I'm looking at their spreads and they are way high (3 on euro/yen, 4 on aussie, swissy - versus 1.5 on euro, 2 on aussie, yen and 3 on swissy). Better to pay for a charting service with the spread that you will save over the long run if you plan to do any decent kinds of volume. If you plan on scalping 10-30 % of the daily range you need to have access to the same spreads that the institutions are paying = Oanda or IB.
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    For intraday scalps (especially if you can make profits with the spreads on TS) its your best bet. Speed is key and fumbling with two platforms may cost him money.
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