Brokers in the USA that use ECN?

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  1. ECN = Electronic Communications Network.

    I am finding that none of the brokers in the USA use this. And that this allows the broker to trade against it's own customers. Is this the case?

    I also need a broker that doesn't have high Stops Level (preferably 0), and that has an MT4 platform.
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    Google for "us ecn forex brokers", where is the problem?
  3. That none of them use ECN when I call their customer service line.
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    Could we see your list please?
  5. IG, ACT,, OANDA
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    Call Currenex and ask which US brokers use their platform.
  7. I just sent a message to their customer service. I'll let you know.
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    I guess Oanda should fit the bill. I also use Hotforex to hedge some trades with them due to specific US regulations.
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    Oanda is good, but OP is looking for a non bucket shop broker (i.e. where you don't trade against the broker). Hard to find outside of institutional world.
  10. Interactive Brokers offers ECN type market structure that allows you to set orders away from the market and even lets you trade with other IB clients and major liquidity banks with over 60% world FX market share....

    FX futures are a great alternative to spot FX if you're trading just the majors....
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