Bulenox $100K for $99 - Pass and Get Refunded!

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    Bulenox http://bulenox.cdnftrstdr.ca is running a promotion until the end of January:

    $100K evaluation is $99, and if you pass get your $99 refunded. Not bad at all. Use the code FUNDEDFORFREE22 when you sign up.

    I'm fairly new to Bulenox, but multiple people emailed me asking about them, and with this promo I can't resist but give them a try.

    As well as a extra perk, once you pass get your first month data fees (normally $85/month) for free.

    I'll keep posted how it's going for me, looking forward to seeing what Bulenox is all about.

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  2. canoe


    for anyone actually contemplating this new funding company, look no further than their Profit Withdrawal terms to realize they have no interest in actually paying out:

    The request for the 1st payout could be performed after Trader has been traded for at least 20 or more individual trading days. A request for the 2nd, and 3rd payments could be performed after the Trader has traded at least 12 individual trading days after Trader's last withdrawal. 4th and subsequent payments could be requested anytime.

    The minimum withdraw of 1-3 payments is $1,000. (For $10,000 account the mininimum withdraw is $500) The maximum withdraw amount depends on the account size:
    $10,000 account - $750
    $25,000 account - $1,000
    $50,000 account - $1,500
    $100,000 account - $1,750
    $150,000 account - $2,000
    $250,000 account - $2,500

    The withdrawal safety threshold reserve limits. The withdrawal safety threshold reserve is defined as the minimum amount required to remain in the Trader’s Account to be able for withdraw.

    $10,000 Account - $1,100
    $25,000 Account - $1,600
    $50,000 Account - $2,600
    $100,000 Account - $3,100
    $150,000 Account - $4,600
    $250,000 Account - $5,600

    When a funding company imposes so many restrictions on when or how they can withdraw their profits, what they're really trying to do is to force their funded traders on the hamster wheel as long as possible by preventing withdrawals b/c they know that due to the inherent leverage within these accounts, it's usually just a matter of time before they blow up or break the rules.

    This is how leeloo, apteros, and apex operates. They all deliberately prevent you from withdrawing profits for a long ass time. For anyone new to this business reading this, please please please avoid the above companies!
  3. bln


    Do anyone of these shops on your site support hedged options trades like debit spreads? Overnight hold a few days required. Option combination orders to CME or CBOE required.
  4. another Leeloo clone but with much better rules.....I'll give them a try
  5. Save your money and build your skills while saving money to trade your own account with 1 micro if that's all you can afford.

    This is a hamster wheel business.

  6. AMEN, that's why I would only recommend Earn2Trade and Top Step both which will put you (if you choose) directly in the real markets. P.S If you screw up one of these two accounts and their is a balance left in the account, they simply mail you a check, not a huge forfeiture like the other sim accounts.